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We strive to be open-mindeddynamicflexibleprofessional as a performing orchestra.


Our mission is to foster intercultural exchange between people of various backgrounds and bring them together through music. We aim to work together with well-known musicians from the regions of the Middle East and others. Our mission is to bridge a gap between oriental music and the well-known classical works. Through sophisticated arrangements we want to bring together the music of the Orient and European classics, thereby enabling two different musical cultures to merge together. Bringing contemporary music to a broader audience is also important to us. For this purpose, we have founded “VIENNA INTERNATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA” in Europe.


We are professional musicians from different countries based in Vienna, who would like to do music in an interesting context together. As a project orchestra, members differ from project to project. Our formation also changes depending on the needs of the music we play.


There are little no none orchestras in Europe, that focus on oriental music. We want to create a space for musicians, artists and performers from all parts of the world – especially welcoming artists with a refugee background and from the Middle East – to come together for great projects, and do music from their homelands.

Further, we foster contemporary artists to perform their works with us.

Orchestra Workshops

The VISO/VICO also offers Workshops for Orchestra and Choirs. If you are interested in participating in a Workshop, please contact our orchestra manager.

Cooperation with Vienna International Arts Festival

VISO/VICO is a close partner of Vienna International Arts Festival, which takes place in summer every year in Vienna. This Festival offers interesting workshops for orchestras and choirs. The VISO/VICO provides the professors and conductors for the workshops in general.
To learn more about the Vienna International Arts Festival, visit the Website: